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Welcome to the website of KOICA Paraguay Office.




    As an international development aid agency, KOICA helps our partner countries achieve socio-economic development

in a sustainable way so that our world becomes a better place to live in together.


    Since the international community agreed at UN summit in 2015 that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are

the way toward a better world, our efforts are directed to the achievement of SDGs in our partner countries.


    We understand that we are partner for, not the owner of, the sustainable development of our partner countries. As such,

we respect the ownership of the partner countries on their national development plans.    


    With this framework in mind, we are actively engaged in a variety of projects and activities in Paraguay that can promote

the wellbeing of the people of Paraguay in collaboration with both central and local governments, civil society, businesses,

academies, other partners and people themselves.      


    We hope that our homepage be informative and offer an opportunity to think about what and how to do together 

to make our world a better world.   






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